East West Fertility offers a Pre-Conception Care program based on Chinese medicine principles and treatment strategies, nutritional requirements and current Chinese medicine and biomedical research.


The Pre-Conception Care Support Program is aimed at preparing couples for a healthy conception and baby. It can be compared to cultivating a field prior to planting the seeds to ensure optimal growth. We now know that healthy couples make healthy eggs and sperm, which ultimately leads to healthy babies and the adults they grow into. Jenny has been offering this Pre-Conception Care Program for over 30 years as a support therapy for couples, weather trying to conceive naturally or through IVF.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are used with the aim of settling the body into a natural fertility rhythm to create the best environment to nurture a pregnancy. Chinese Medicine doctors of the past thought this approach provokes a therapeutic response in the body to correct any imbalances that are affecting the cycle and promote reproductive and general health.

Science has shown that both partners share equal responsibility for producing healthy conceptions, so Pre-Conception Care is a conscious choice each partner makes to invest in the quality of his/her sperm and eggs to produce the healthiest conceptions and babies possible. Couples with no known underlying issues have attended the clinic for at least 3 months to prepare for pregnancy as well as couples coming with known issues including:

  • sub-fertility/infertility
  • poor egg and sperm quality
  • issues associated with endometriosis
  • issues associated with PCOS
  • recurrent miscarriage

It takes time for eggs and sperm to mature, so it is necessary to follow the program for at least three (3) months.

There are several factors that are encouraged in the Pre-Conception Care Program, and if needed Jenny pays attention to addressing these. Many patients come to see Jenny to get acupuncture for relaxation to reduce the stress levels and anxiety that often go hand in hand with fertility and trying to conceive. Other important factors that you can do are:

  • eating a balanced diet and eating in a relaxed environment
  • getting adequate sleep to maintain balanced hormones balanced and other physiological processes
  • keeping weight within range

Other strategies related to the issues above Jenny may use as part of Pre-Conception Care are detoxification programs, nutritional supplements, dietary modification and weight loss programs.