At East West Fertility we treat patients suffering from many health disorders that can occur throughout life. We use acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional therapies to assist our patients to manage these health setbacks, as an adjunct therapy option after consultation with their treating practitioner.

It’s a fact that men frequently overlook their health. The warning signs that a serious illness could develop are often ignored due to the low priority men place on their health because of entrenched cultural attitudes. It is because of this that the incidence of major health concerns such as infertility, obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, prostate problems, diabetes and sleep/mood disorders in the male population is steadily rising.

For example, 2017 statistics show that 60% of males in Australia are overweight or obese and 10% are morbidly obese. This staggering figure means that over half of the Australian adult male population are at risk of dying from heart disease, developing diabetes and/or colon cancer, experiencing impotence, being diagnosed as infertile or sub-fertile and suffering from insomnia. These statistics stress the importance of men taking charge of their health to prevent major health consequences.

Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and massage can help with stress, chronic pain related to depression, pain relief and management and as an adjunct treatment program alongside your practitioners guidelines as part of a holistic men’s’ health regime.

There are three basic programs:

The Preventative Program: used by male patients who experience intermittent health niggles such as occasional insomnia.

The Strengthening Program:
used by male patients who have an existing mild to moderate chronic illness such as an inflammatory bowel condition. The program can assist to reduce both the signs and symptoms of the illness and its impact to enable a man to function at his best.

The Supportive Program:
used by male patients with a serious debilitating illness such as cancer. The program is an adjunct therapy which aims to provide support and some relief from the illness and the side-effects of powerful drugs. It is based on the integrative treatment approach used in China for many cancers which combines Western medicine and Chinese medicine. Although the evidence is unclear, acupuncture may have an adjunct role to play in reducing malignant pain and thereby potentially decreasing the amount of pain medication required. It may also reduce some side-effects of cancer drugs or radiation, such as nausea / vomiting and improve cancer related fatigue and mood disorders.