Female and Male Acupuncture in Brisbane

acupuncture The origins of this healthcare system can be traced back at least 2,000 years – acupuncture focuses on a holistic approach and takes into account many factors, including how optimum your bodily functions are and your ability in disease processing. This means our acupuncture sessions also focus on prevention. Whether you are trying to conceive or simply want to feel better, acupuncture treatment may assist patients towards a sense of overall good health.

It is common for many health practitioners working in this area to recommend acupuncture as a support treatment for IVF. Research is ongoing and there is a lot of interest in how effective acupuncture is in relation to IVF. For example, a 2016 Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis and a 2016 Clinical Trial:

An August 2016 systemic review and meta-analysis by Qian et al. published in Arch Gynecol Obstet in December 2016 investigated some of the controversy surrounding Acupuncture-IVF outcomes research. The study concluded that ‘Acupuncture improves the CPR (clinical pregnancy rate) in women undergoing IVF.’ The review covered 30 trials with a total of 6344 participants. It further noted ‘… optimal positive effects could be expected using Acupuncture in IVF during COH (controlled ovarian hyperstimulation).’

The randomised controlled clinical trial sought to address the heterogeneity of previous studies and provide an evidence based conclusion by adopting the Delphi consensus protocol. The protocol was reached in 2012 via 15 international acupuncturists highly experienced in treating women undergoing IVF. This is the first time this protocol has been used:

In 2016, scientists (Gillerman et al) at Homerton University Hospital studied 127 couples with women aged between 23 and 43 years undergoing their first or second round of IVF. The women were assigned to either the ‘acupuncture group’ or the ‘non-acupuncture group’. The acupuncture group received 4 acupuncture sessions while doing IVF, the non-acupuncture group received none. Acupuncture was done before egg pick-up and before and after embryo transfer. In the acupuncture treatment group, 46.2% conceived – more than twice as many than the non-acupuncture group where 21.7% conceived. The live birth rate in the acupuncture group was higher than the non-acupuncture group. Gillerman suggested that stimulating nerves at particular points around the ovaries increased the blood flow and helped the development of the follicles which is where the eggs grow and mature. One of the researchers in the Study was Roy Homburg, Professor of Reproductive Medicine at Queen Mary University of London said ‘Being a cynical conventional doctor, I didn’t believe it was going to work …… having seen these results I’m completely converted’. (The Times UK July 5 2016)

Acupuncture’s ability to induce a relaxed state is well recognised, and it may be this affect that makes the difference. The authors admitted it may be due to a placebo effect, for example, the extra level of support the acupuncture group received compared to the control group produced a positive psychological influence. The study was presented in July 2016 at European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). It was also reported in The Times UK and other UK newspapers.

If you’re suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) or Endometriosis we use acupuncture to manage some of the signs and symptoms of these disorders which can impact fertility.

Many couples have come to the clinic whether they are planning to conceive in the future, trying to conceive now, already pregnant, or simply want to feel better, to see what regular acupuncture (in conjunction with herbs and supplements prescribed as per your personal circumstances) may offer.

Acupuncture at East West Fertility is covered by all major health funds.

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