Many women explore acupuncture during the last phase of their pregnancy to see what it may offer as an adjunct treatment.

Stress and Fatigue

Acupuncture may help women in their last few weeks of pregnancy to manage a range of symptoms including pain, stress, tension and fatigue.

Back and Pelvis Pain

In the last phase of pregnancy, women should be very careful when it comes to their back and lifting heavy objects. In fact, doing anything which could put undue strain on the back should be avoided. As your due date draws closer, your pelvic muscles will begin to soften in preparation for labour, which can make you more susceptible to back injuries. Acupuncture may assist with the management of pain.

Preparing for, and Inducing Labour

Chinese medicine has supported women as they prepare to give birth for hundreds of years. Many women explore acupuncture as an adjunct treatment when they are preparing for, or are considering inducing labour.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

According to traditional Chinese Medicine, the body has more than 2000 acupuncture points which are connected by pathways/meridians, which create a flow of energy (known as Qi) throughout the body. The ancient Chinese believed that stimulating these points relieved pain and improved health.

While the exact ways that acupuncture works are still under debate, some of the theories around how Acupuncture works are that it may:

  • Increase the relay speed of the body’s electromagnetic signals. This, in turn, may increase the flow of pain-killing chemicals such as endorphins as well as release immune system cells to the pain points.
  • Trigger the release of natural opioids which lessen pain and promote sleep.
  • Change the brain chemistry by altering the release of neurotransmitters (to stimulate or dampen nerve impulses) and neurohormones (which affect the function or activity of an organ in the body).

Although having needles stuck into you might be the last thing that you feel like doing when you’re heavily pregnant, acupuncture doesn’t physically hurt. Acupuncture is generally considered to be safe but occasionally (as with all health treatments) may be associated with possible adverse reactions in individual cases.

The final trimester of pregnancy is well known for its general discomfort and niggly pains. If you would like to explore what acupuncture may offer during your final weeks of pregnancy, please make a booking to see Jenny.